The seriousness of the situation lies in the fact that such reactions not only deal a strong blow to the body, but can also cause death. If severe manifestations occur, a person must call an ambulance without fail.

Rarely, but still there are severe lesions of the body. As a result of the introduction of viagra may appear: feverish state; swelling of lung tissue; necrotic tissue damage under the skin. Particularly sensitive patients with the introduction of the drug often feel extensive damage to the body, which are very dangerous. A diabetic develops angioedema and anaphylactic shock.

An allergic reaction to insulin is not only a test for the body. When symptoms occur, patients often do not know what to do, as diabetes treatment must continue. It is forbidden to cancel and prescribe a new insulin-containing drug on your own. This causes an increase in reaction if the selection is incorrect. The patient should immediately consult a doctor if a reaction occurs. In this case, the doctor may prescribe desensitization. The essence of the procedure is to conduct tests on the skin. They are necessary for the correct selection of the drug for injection. The result of the study is the optimal variant of sildenafil injections. The procedure is quite complicated.

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